Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Why is Myself not surprised?

Abercrombie & Fitch is being sued for racial discrimination

Several Hispanic and Asian plaintiffs said in interviews that when they applied for jobs, store managers steered them to stockroom jobs and away from the sales floor because they did not project what the company called the "A & F look." That look, these plaintiffs said, is overwhelmingly white, judging from the low percentage of minority members who work on the sales floor and from the company's posters and quarterly magazine, which overwhelmingly featured white models.


Juancarlos Gomez-Montejano, who worked in sales at an Abercrombie in Santa Monica, said that after a corporate official visited his store, he and four other minority sales workers were terminated, told that the staff was too large. A few weeks later, he said, the store hired five white fraternity members from U.C.L.A.

Myself does not own any A&F clothes, mostly because whenever I go into one to browse, all the clothes strike myself as "white people shit", a phrase learned from my black/Filipino boyfriend. Now Myself has had his suspicions confirmed and I will not be purchasing anything from there. The Banana Republic jab at the end was very funny though, especially because its true.

Monday, June 16, 2003

wither WMD?

Personally, Myself thinks it's still a wee bit early yet to say this but, I gotta admit its looking more and more like it was a ruse. Billmon at The Whiskey Bar has quotes from Bush and his cabinet, that have been made over the course of nearly a year, makes its case pretty effectively. Myself is still not yet ready to go postal on this yet, I am still willing to give the benefit of doubt, but just barely. The nagging little voice inside Myself is saying we were lied to, it was a matter of urgent national security, they said, Saddam can and will put WMD's in the hands of "terrorists groups like Al-Quieda" (but not AQ themselves mind you, because you told us they are defeated, even though they are not), and who knows what those evil-doers will do, being the evil-doers that they are. Well we have yet to see any substantial cache of actual weapons. Two canvas sided trucks? Well, supporting evidence maybe, yes Saddam had a weapons program, and he was a very bad man, and Myself is thinking the Iraqi people are better off now that he is not is charge (but he is not gone). Bottom line, Where are the biological, chemical, nuclear weapons? This voice getting louder, and a bit angrier. At some point its going to completely drown out those other voices. If it drowns out the one that tells me to paint my body orange, and run naked through the airport with a bunch a bananas strapped to my head, screaming "I am the monkey king!", well maybe that's ok then.