Friday, October 03, 2003

Local stuff. Paula, Randy, and Simon are in Honolulu this weekend for American Idol auditions, (this is what passes for NEWS on the local CBS affiliate KGMB, hooray). Kobe Bryant joins the rest of the Lakers for their pre-season game, and a former trustee of one of the largest endowment estates, Kamehameha Estates Bishop Estates,(KSBE), Lokelani Lindsey, was immedieately hauled off to prison to serve her 6 month sentence. She was caught taking a trip to Las Vegas, yet she had the date at which to begin her sentence delayed three times, because her husband is ill. Oh yeah, she was found guilty of using KSBE employees to do work on her personal home. Landscaping, carpentry and such, all 5 or is it 7, were replaced. It is an ugly chapter of in the history of this Aina called Hawaii, and not over yet, nope not by a long shot, much more to come so stay tuned folks. Hopefully, Myself can find links to back up this shit Myself is writing, (I promise I will look). Plausible denial will suffice.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Myself is trying to decide wether its more fun to watch the Republicans squirm over the Wilson/Plume thing or was it more fun watching the Democrats squirm over the Monica thing.
The Price of Paradise
The Honolulu bus strike of '04 has ended, buses began running on Monday, and just so there's no hard feelings towards bus riders all buses are free until Friday, that's right, free, after a month long strike. However in order to pay for the new contract bus fares will increase to $2.00 a ride, the highest in the nation. That's right, not only do we have the highest gas prices (still above $2.00 a gallon), the highest car insurance rates, high cost of living, second only to Alaska, and the second highest cost for housing (San Francisco Bay areas are first). *sighs heavily* This is why I think I want to move to Las Vegas

Monday, September 29, 2003

So a guy gets pulled over by a cop. The cop goes up to the car, notices the driver is alone and obviously drunk, eyes all red, head swaying from side to side.
Cop: " So you've been drinking tonight?"
Drunk: "No way, Officer, I'm the designated driver!"
Cop: "What do you think I am stupid, you're the only one in the car!"
Drunk: "....NOT!...check the trunk!"

joke courtesy Augie Tulba