Tuesday, December 30, 2003

2003 the year in revue
So let's see if y'all remember these things from the past year:
-So how about those Raelians, who announced to the world that her tinfoil hat-wearing pals would, any day now, have a human clone to show the world. Ya, right.

-Then there was the Dell Dude getting busted for marijuana. Which prompted the joke: I don't know what to think about the Dell Dude getting busted for pot, I always thought marijuana was a Gateway drug...
-I'm sure we all remember "freedom Fries" jeez that was stupid. Aggrivatingly stupid was "can you hear me now?"
-Martha Stewart , that bitch, got hers.
-Yes Fox News/Bill O'rielly sued Al Franken but did you know Spike Lee sued TNN over their use of "his" name for the SpikeTV channel.
-To the Media: Please, please, please do not continue to show the Michael Jackson mug shot, it gives Myself nightmares, Hell it even scares my dog.
-Then there was the guy who put himself in a crate and had it mailed home.
-Some idiot intevnted the term metrosexual
From the "Ya know I always meant to take care of that" department
Patrice Moore, 43, said he called for help when the mountain of mail, books and other paper items collapsed on him Saturday. However no one heard him.
He was found at 1:45 p.m. Monday by his landlord.
Emergency workers, neighbors and about 20 firefighters dug through the debris to reach Moore, filling 50 garbage bags with paper. He was freed at about 2:15 p.m.
Moore was hospitalized with leg injuries.
The incident recalled the legendary case of the Collyer brothers, who in 1947 were discovered dead in their house in Harlem after one of the brothers was found trapped under a pile of papers and the other died of starvation.
Maybe the landlord was comin to evict him for being a messy slob who still hasn't paid the rent this month, but if one lets their home get so cluttered that his can happen, you deserve to get buried by it. Myself is guessing he kept occupied reading back issues of Maxim.