Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Music Wars Scene 28:
in which the Empire says: I'm Gonna getcha (yet again)
Here's comes the next round of RIAA Lawsuits
The Recording Industry Association of America stepped up the pace of its lawsuits against music swappers again, with a renewed focus on university students.
The trade association said Tuesday that it sued an additional 532 anonymous individuals, including 89 people at 21 separate universities. This is the third round of suits since the RIAA was forced by the courts to file suits without first using subpoenas to learn the alleged file swappers' true identities.
"It's important for everyone to understand that no one is immune from the consequences of illegally 'sharing' music files on (peer to peer) networks," RIAA President Cary Sherman said in a statement. "Lawsuits are an important part of the larger strategy to educate file sharers about the law, protect the rights of copyright owners, and encourage music fans to turn to these legitimate services."
So now the message is to turn to "legitimate" services, which is an improvement from the "you people are all breaking the law, and should go to jail" strategy.

Monday, March 22, 2004

so Myself joined another discussion board, at The Honolulu Advertiser I started posting in the remember when thread, which was fun then decided to try a post or two in some os the current events threads, and it seems to lack a bit of, well decorum? no thats not it, restraint, is more like it, maybe civility to some degree, I guess I was thinking that it would be more like YellowWorld but I guess not, so myself might have get a bit less civil on the 'tiser board.