Saturday, May 31, 2003


if video killed the radio star; what did the internet kill?

Friday, May 30, 2003

hanabata days

The other day I asked my niece what she was snacking, which looked like some dark green powder in a plastic container the size of a small test tube. She informed me that it was called Raven-something-or-other-like-that, Myself tried it and it was extremely sour and tart. It had the added effect of turning my tongue a hideous blackish-purplish-greenish color. Needless to say I loved the shit. It did remind me of the strange things I used to snack on when I was in the third grade, such as ramen tar tare, take a package of dried ramen, crush it into pieces, dump the seasoning packet on the ramen crumbs, shake it up and scarf it down. Yum. Also Jello™ straight out of the box, as well as instant pudding, Nestle Quick™ and Ovaltine™. I was also known to munch on a cinnamon stick.
I remember when I got busted for taking the jello:
Mom is looking in the kitchen cupboards:
Mom: "What happened to all the Jello?"
Myself: "I ate it"
Mom: "You ate it?"
Myself: "I ate it for recess snack"
Mom: "Who made it?"
Myself: "No one, we just ate it"
Mom: "You just ate it right out of the box!?"
Myself: "uh huh"
Mom: "well, don't do that anymore"

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Myself's microbe votes

From Truth Laid Bare these are the blogs from the New blog Showcase that I liked:

Happy Furry Story Time is like a grumpy George Carlin (is that redundant?)
RantDudes RavingsThis guy is like Jerry Seinfeld on meth.

In General these blogs are all very well written, and, unlike myself, shows considerable thought was put into them.

things that I didn't like:
- If you use the word hyperdifferentiation I will very likely stop reading at that point.
- Overly left/right wing blogs, there's more to life (and few things more boring) that blogging hooray for our side and boo on the other. Sure my political leanings are readily proffered, but not in every other post.
- the weather: If you really feel the need to blog about it, then just say where you are and what it's like, I really, really don't want a detailed weather report. What I sometimes do is give them my weather report: Hawaii, 80°, clear blue skies with cooling 5-15 mph tradewinds, just to f**k with them.
- broken links - If the link that you post as the one to use for your vote doesn't work or takes you to your homepage - FIX IT - I fixed mine.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Microbes on Parade

I entered my blog in the New Weblog Showcase at Truth Laid Bear. It should be appearing the first week in june. Maybe I can evolve into a multi-cellular organism. I read some of this weeks blogs and I have to say some of these are good, (makes myself look kind of slack), I was especially impressed with some of the customized templates. I loathe dicking with the template I have, (again, pretty bad for a techie), it's just that HTML is such a pain to deal with, I'd rather look at at an abend dump, well maybe not, how about JCL? (end geekspeak).

Any other microbes out there looking for a little consentual reciprocal linking? (safe only, limits respected).
Vote early and vote often.

Update: Apparently I'm already there, but the link is not working (oops, no votes for myself), oh well, maybe I can re-enter next week.
looks like the only archive link that is working is the oldest one, (sigh).
UpUpdate:my bad, I have to archive pages myself and set the settings, permalinks should work now. (this is the point where I get a whack on the back of my head)
get away

It"s a good thing to get away from it all even if you never go anywhere. I took off from work last Thursday and Friday and with the weekend and the Memorial Day Holiday, I had five days of nothing, so did not check my email, never checked the various blogs and discussion groups, and had a mini vacation. I did some household chores, went to the beach and got a suntan, rode my bike around town and in general goofed around doing not much of anything. I watched a Japanese lantern ceremony on Memorial day, at sunset, they float literally hundreds of lanterns in memory of those who have been lost. There was something very peaceful and calming watching hundreds of lights floating away on the ocean. I enjoyed it immensely. The only problem is that sitting at my desk I'm wanting to go on vacation again.