Tuesday, April 01, 2003

April Fool's....not

So I'm eating lunch at my desk and a co-worker comes in and tells me taht she clipped my bumper parking her car this afternoon. My first reaction was "really?", thinking she is trying to put one over on me. but it turns out that yup she really did. i went over to the parking lot and sure enough she did clip it. Not a lot of damage, and my car is nine years old. So I tell her that it's okay. (actually there's more damage to her paint than mine) but she insists that I take it down to her insurance company and get a check for the damage to make her feel better about it. I feel its somehow wrong for me to take the cash when I won't be having the bumper repaired. But on the other hand she is going to file a claim anyway to get her bumper done and since it won't increase her rates wether I take the cash , or have it repainted, or do nothing, I guess I will take whatever the insurance company gives me

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