Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Music Wars:
The RIAA Strikes Back

No sooner than the RIAA announced they will now target indivuduals who are downloading music, comes the P2P network that claims anonymous file swapping. Now as Myself has previously posted on this, the RIAA needs to wake up here, anything they try will be immediately countered by someone out there who has realized what the RIAA has not: that people will continue to download, knowing full well that this is illegal, or at least in violation of current copyright laws. Myself can already download an plug-in IP spoofer that will mask my real IP address anytime Myself is on Kazaa, and I'm sure Kazaa does not want to have its user base erode, giving up their number one slot in market share of music pirates, and will have some new version which will effectively thwart the RIAA.

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