Monday, July 14, 2003

what's in a name
Here in Hawaii, our state capitol building that houses both legislative chambers, all of their offices as well as the offices of the Governor and Lt. Governor, has a fairly large underground parking lot. Now this parking lot is maintained by the state, as well as dozens of other parking lots across the state. Each lot has a three letter code, in which the first letter designates which county the lot is in and the remaining two letters indicate the individual lot. I had a chance to view the breakdown and it is as such: Oahu i.e. the city and county of Honolulu, parking lots are designated "A", and the two letter code for the capitol lot is, (here it comes), "SS". Yes thats right boys and girls, the "official" code for the state capitol underground parking lot is "ASS". This, Myself swears is absolutely true.

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