Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Music Wars: Scene 21
In which the Empire RIAA says: oops, my bad
Among the 261 lawsuits filed by the RIAA against the rebel downloaders, are a 12-year old girl, and a 66-year old Mac user:
BOSTON - In a possible case of mistaken identity, the recording industry has withdrawn a lawsuit against a 66-year-old sculptor who claims never to have even downloaded song-sharing software, let alone used it.


Sarah Seabury Ward, of Newbury, Mass., and her husband use their computer to e-mail with children and grandchildren, said Electronic Frontier Foundation attorney Cindy Cohn, who has worked with the family. They use a Macintosh (news - web sites), which cannot even run the Kazaa file-sharing service they are accused of using illegally.

Nonetheless, Ward was one of 261 defendants sued by the recording industry this month for illegal Internet file-sharing. Ward was accused of illegally sharing more than 2,000 songs, including rapper Trick Daddy's "I'm a Thug."
Yeah those 66 year old WASP/thug chicks, are taking the big bucks out of the poor starving musicians pockets.

In a related story, new copy protection on music CD's is being considered that will thwart attempts to file-share the music. Even though it's been shown time and time again that for every copy-protection model used so far, be it for CD's DVD's or games, the protection can be cracked by savvy programmers, who are more that willing to share their results with everyone.

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