Tuesday, September 02, 2003

See what happens...
So there's a hurricane passing about 340 miles south of the Big Island of Hawaii, a small craft and high surf advisory posted by the Weather Service, what better conditions to the annual Waikiki Roughwater Swim?
Hundreds of swimmers were rescued yesterday when powerful currents got the best of most of the Waikiki Roughwater Swim participants.

Of the 1,055 swimmers who started the annual 2.4-mile race about 9 a.m., only 356, including two men in the over-70 age group, finished the race. The rest either turned back, were helped back to shore by fellow swimmers or were rescued. Coast Guard, city lifeguards or fire personnel reported saving at least 267.
This is what happens when an event promoter puts his pocketbook above people's safety. Dumb, stupid asshat. Myself likes this quote from the race director: "the current was very strong and unexpected and had a negative impact on most of the swimmers." Fortunately the swimmers who even attempt this are all strong swimmers to begin with, but this guy is lucky no one drowned.

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