Thursday, October 09, 2003

I know this is wrong but...
It is also funny, there is a boardgame out there called "Ghettopoly", yes thats right Ghettopoly. picture here and article here there are, of course, some who are not amused:
...Black leaders are outraged over a new board game called "Ghettopoly" that has "playas" acting like pimps and game cards reading, "You got yo whole neighborhood addicted to crack. Collect $50."
Black clergymen say the game, the brainchild of a Pennsylvania man, should be banned, and have called for a boycott of Urban Outfitters unless the company stops selling Ghettopoly in its chain of clothing stores.
"If we are silent on this issue there is more of this type to come," the Rev. Robert P. Shine Sr., president of the Black Clergy of Philadelphia & Vicinity, said at a sidewalk rally Wednesday in front Urban Outfitters' corporate headquarters in Philadelphia.
Shine displayed the game board, with properties including Westside Liquor, Harlem, The Bronx, and Long Beach City, and squares labeled Smitty's XXX Peep Show, Weinstein's Gold and Platinum, and Tyron's Gun Shop.
Players draw "Hustle" and "Ghetto Stash" cards with directions like, "You're a little short on loot, so you decided to stick up a bank. Collect $75," and "Steal $$$ if you pass Let$ Roll."
Also coming soon are Hoodopoly, Hiphopopoly, Thugopoly, and Redneckopoly. The game even has its own website: Myself is pretty sure the people at Hasbro®, are none too pleased with this. But the article gives no mention of copyright violation. At any rate I can see why this could be deemed offensive, certainly non-PC, and Myself can respect that some people will be up in arms about something like this, perpetuating horrible sterotypes, racial oppression, and all that, but Myself does not think it falls under the category of "something that would make it a big deal". Besides you gotta love a game with pieces like Pimp, Hoe, 40 oz, Machine Gun, Marijuana Leaf, Basket Ball and Crack. I can hear parents around the country now: No Jimmy, its Sally's turn to be the pile of crack this time, you can be the 40 oz.
via Atrios

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