Wednesday, November 19, 2003

if it looks like a duck
Seems that both Eugene Volkh and Katherine Lopez have the same "friend" in London who email's the same letter, about W's visit. Great now we have rightie pundits laying down astroturf.

update:It seems both Eugene Volokh and K Lo have replied to what I found, after this got picked-up by Jessie and then Atrios saying hey, no biggie here, we simply have a mutual friend, and it was purely coincidence. No conspiracy. Well Myself is willing to give them the benefit of the doubt theat they actually know said friend. But I still stand by my original call of astroturf, only instead of the editorial page this particular astroturf is of the blogosphere variety. Not as bad as the first type but astroturf nonetheless. Said friend is making the attempt to show that the protests are, in actuality, not as it is being portrayed by the "liberal media". Kind of hard to tell since the SCLM is more concerned with covering the Santa Clara airport.

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