Friday, November 14, 2003

Price of Paradise Pt.1
Living life in Hawaii is a unique experience, there's the good the bad and the ugly, being a bit isolated from the contiguous 48 states, and having a population that is quite different from the rest of the US, (42% Asian, 24% white 9% Native Hawaiian) you have things that don't normally see. Take food for example, go into a 7-11 here and you can get dim sum, sushi and something called a spam musubi, a slice of fried spam on a block of rice wrapped in nori (seaweed), Now Myself can imagine people going "yuck, spam" but we consume more spam per capita than any other state, the origin of this is said to be that during WWII, spam was the most readily available meat, what with the war and rationing and all, and so a few generations later, you get McDonalds serving scrambled eggs rice and spam for breakfast. Which is actually comfort food for a lot of people Myself included. Not the same as if it was made at home, but close enough. There is no such thing as a "fine dining" chinese restaurant. PF Chang's? feh. Why? because no one would go to one when there are chinese, japanese, korean BBQ, and vietnamese restaurants on just about every block. Supermarkets like Safeway have a entire aisle with asian foods, there is a Japanese supermarket called Daiei, which has has at least seven aisles. Minute Rice? Uncle Bens? sacrilege!

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