Tuesday, December 30, 2003

2003 the year in revue
So let's see if y'all remember these things from the past year:
-So how about those Raelians, who announced to the world that her tinfoil hat-wearing pals would, any day now, have a human clone to show the world. Ya, right.

-Then there was the Dell Dude getting busted for marijuana. Which prompted the joke: I don't know what to think about the Dell Dude getting busted for pot, I always thought marijuana was a Gateway drug...
-I'm sure we all remember "freedom Fries" jeez that was stupid. Aggrivatingly stupid was "can you hear me now?"
-Martha Stewart , that bitch, got hers.
-Yes Fox News/Bill O'rielly sued Al Franken but did you know Spike Lee sued TNN over their use of "his" name for the SpikeTV channel.
-To the Media: Please, please, please do not continue to show the Michael Jackson mug shot, it gives Myself nightmares, Hell it even scares my dog.
-Then there was the guy who put himself in a crate and had it mailed home.
-Some idiot intevnted the term metrosexual

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