Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Music Wars: Scene 24
In which the Empire says: Here you come again
Yes people it's time for a third round of lawsuits:
The Recording Industry Association of America said Wednesday it had sued another 41 people in its ongoing legal campaign against file swappers who are trading copyrighted music online.

This is the RIAA's third batch of suits against computer users since early September, bringing the total number of people sued to 382. The group also said it had sent out an additional 90 new letters to alleged file traders, notifying them that they would be next to be sued if they didn't reach a settlement agreement first.

"This is an ongoing strategy, and the way to let people know that there is a risk of consequences is to continue the program," RIAA President Cary Sherman said. "You don't set up a speed trap for one day and stop enforcement thereafter. It has to be consistent."
Wonderful, now Darth Cary is equating their draconian tactics with a speed trap, to make it more friendly -like. There are more things wrong with that analogy that one does not know where to en begin. At least Myself is not on the recieving end of this one. Hope none of you out there are not either.
Music is the greatest creation of mankind.

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