Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Myself doesn't drink coffee, so he finds this particularly bad:
SEATTLE -- A Seattle restaurant is giving you an option when you order steak -- decaf or caffeinated.
Rippe's steak house is selling a steak coated with Starbucks Espresso grounds.
It's called the Seattle Signature Steak.
The caffeinated filet mignon sells for $30.
Chef Allison Jester and a waitress experimented with the idea one night when the manager wasn't around.
The steak also is seasoned with salt, garlic, onion and black pepper. Once grilled it has a black crust, smoky flavor and a moderate coffee taste.
The Espresso steak is now one of the most requested items on the menu.

But I suppose being Seattle and all, where coffe flows like rain there, and people have to ingest mass quantities of caffiene, in order to stave off depression to keep from killing themselves, it can happen.
Would you like some verbal abuse with that Whopper, you Lardass?
If only they would use their powers for good instead of evil:
TROY, Mich. -- Imagine ordering a burger in the drive-through lane, only to have a voice on the intercom say you're too fat for a Whopper.

Police in Troy, Mich., want the Federal Communications Commission to help find the person who hacked into a Burger King's wireless intercom system.
The hacker told some customers they were too fat. Other patrons were bombarded with obscenities and bizarre comments last week.
Store supervisor Jennifer Saccoia tells the Detroit Free Press the mysterious voice has been silent lately. Police have called in the FCC to investigate.

They say the feds have the radio direction-finding equipment needed to track down the person who has been transmitting on the Burger King frequency. That sort of radio hacking is a federal crime.

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