Monday, February 23, 2004

do it once do it twice
it appears that the University of Hawaii professors may be going on strike...again:
HONOLULU -- University of Hawaii students are worried about the possibility of a walkout by professors as the union announced it will deliver a strike notice to the state Monday.


UH professors went out on strike three years ago for two weeks and students remember that. Now, UH faculty members have reportedly voted 92 percent to turn down the university's salary offer.

"We have pretty much come to the conclusion that zero (percent increase in the first year) and two (percent increase in the second year) will not make it," said Lynn Yankowski professor at Maui Community College.
Now the notice to strike is a procedural formality, saying we reserve the right to strike if negotiations break down. That being said Myself finds it a sorry state of affairs that University professors have to resort to this is order to get a fair wage, the state is, of course, saying that there is no money to be had for raises, and the union, of course, deosn't believe that. Now this may be premature as a settlement can still be reached, but does the state want to be the laughing stalk of the nation again? There is also the bigger question of wether univsity professors should be unionized in the first place, which myself thinks is an uncommon thing among state run colleges, but nevertheless that's the situation.

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