Thursday, February 05, 2004

Just a few thoughts
First, sorry for the Badger post, 'twas a very obscure-geeky reference. Next Myself is a amazed by the amount of publicity generated by the Janet Jackson (ahem) wardrobe malfunction Superbowl thing. Seems the unintended consequences of "video killed the radio star".

And in their newly found zeal to protect us from real life, the NFL has revamped the Pro Bowl
The original halftime show was to be headlined by JC Chasez, whose fellow ’N Sync bandmember Justin Timberlake ripped open Jackson’s clothing during the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday.
The stunt gave television viewers more of Jackson than they counted on seeing.
"We felt that what JC wanted to perform was probably not in our best interests," McCarthy said. "He was to perform 'Blowing Me Away With Your Love.’ It was a little too suggestive for our tastes."
Now Myself would pick Wilie K over JC anyhow, It kind of gives 'ol JC the short, dirty end of the stick. As much as I don't care for manufactured, bubble gum pop, even Myself doesn't think he's going to do anything remotely like the Super Bowl incident. Sucks for him.

In other stuff the Governor of Mass. plans to introduce a bill to codify marriage:
Aides to Governor Mitt Romney and House lawmakers are working out the details of a bill that defines marriage as a heterosexual institution based on child-raising and procreation, hoping that it will lead to a reversal of the Supreme Judicial Court's ruling that declared same sex marriages constitutional.
This argument was already tried, here in Hawaii, and it failed. What opponents of gay marriage want to say is that this is a moral issue, well many already say that, but they all know that you can't put that into words to justify any law, lest that pesky first amendment get in the way. So they are left with making arguments like procreation. So let's go with that: marriage is for procreation so therefore if you are or want to marry you muse be capable of procreation, infertile and post-menopausal need not apply, moreover you must prove your fertility before the state allows it. i.e. fertility tests required. What Myself fails to see is how 1/10th, (the number of gays/lesbians who would opt for marriage) of 1/10th (the estimated munber of gays) of the population is such a HUGE threat to everything you hold dear.

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