Friday, April 11, 2003

just do it

everyone seems to be fawning over the troops these days. our brave and valiant young sons, daughters, friends and neighbors fighting the evil scourge, heroes, every last one of them. Well, yes and no. yes they are performing what is probably the most distasteful yet necessary task, they are the providing the blanket of freedom with which myself and every american sleeps. yes i am grateful for the fact that i am able to write this because our military has provided for the common defense. but i can"t bring myself to throw the kind of adulation others do. the reason is that these people are doing their jobs, they are doing what they are trained to do. i"ve never heard anyone saying "thank god for our boys at ratheon for the tomohawk missle". they all signed up to do this, for whatever reason, i would contend that if you queried the military personnel who are at the end of the chain, the privates, airmen and seamen, the e-1, e-2"s, they are absolutely hating life right now. I have far more adulation for our police who also put their lives at risk on a daily basis and they do not have automatic weapons, or bunker busting, precision guided missles.

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