Tuesday, April 15, 2003

still trying to decide if this is going to be a personal blog or a news blog

so this weekend it seems the looting of the national library and the surrender of a top scientist, whats the deal with the dek of cards thing? thats a bit much. But are we so surprised at the looting? not me. should the US helped secure the museum? Yes, but the military claims it's not in their job description (how very american government employee of you). could they have helped? yes. send a tank squad. Here's a question: If the US forces are not trained to be peace keepers whose fault is that? traditionally the UN is the role of peace keeper, but since we chose not to listen should we not have covered this contigent? The training recieved included urban warfare right? learnt from our past involvements. So why, after taking control of a city with, what? 2 million people, we were NOT going to have to keep the peace? seems someone missed something here.

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