Friday, June 06, 2003

Ever the microbe Myself

note: posting date modified to keep near top of page

NZ Bear's feature New Blog Showcase results for week one, Myself did not win, (hell I was tied for dead last ZERO links), not overly dissapointed though, (does my writing suck that badly?), given the number of blogs. I even voted for a few but got no reciprocity, even though by voting for someone else it lessened my chances of winning, but as a citizen of Blogistan, I felt it was my duty. Apparently NZ Bear has made three votes mandatory for upcoming weeks. Oh well, I guess I can enter again, from my latest site meter reports, there were only a few people that even bothered to look, so I'll just use the same post. If I'm not last his time I'll be happy. On a brighter note I got a blogroll link at Cooking for Losers, even posted a modified post of mine. The site is not really a blog more like a site which has funny, quirky stuff about food, cooking, cooking disasters, with some actual real and practical recipes thrown in for good measure. Big Alohas for you.

If any of you bloggers did vote for me, let me know

Votes for Week2:

The Whiskey Bar This often Atrios commentor/contributor does excellent work on use of sound bites to characterize this administration's matter of empahsis and props for sourcing each quote also.

Myself votes again for Happy Furry Story Time with Norbizness sure he doesn't back up his statements with any supporting arguments, but with this level of cranky, curmengeon-ness, (not a word I know) you don't have to. Also for his use of the word fucktard.

RandomActOfKindness in reciprocity for your same, although a bit Chicago/Illinois centered, well written and thoughtful.
Tiger:Raggin&Rantin good objective reviews of the showcase blogs as well as other blogs and current events, makes me want to pop in now and again.
Mac-a-ro-nies another often Atrios commentor/contributor offers democratic veiwpoints that Myself can't help but agree with, You go Girl.
David E's FablogNot exactly breaking news, but still I have to give credit to family that have paved the way for Myself to be here and queer (althought I still have a bit of a problem with the in your face stuff, sometimes)


- Myself has noticed that some people's permalinks for their entry posts do not work. This is probaly NOT a Blogspot problem it is most likely because your post is too recent. Blogspot automatically generates an archive at the end of the week. Thus, if your entry was written this week you have no archive. you must manually create the archive. Hey if Myself can do it how hard can it be?
- Fiskings are for the most part, pretty lame. It's failry easy to go line by line and pick apart a left/right opinion piece, that you don't agree with. Myself realizes it's a common blogger tool, but try and take into account what the original text is saying, and not interpet it such an obviously unintended fashion for the sole purpose of making straw men arguments that you gleefully knock down. (Note to Myself: possible blog topic)
- If you want to blog like Atrios/Instapundit, go for it, but do it properly, link to the source of all your quotes, use indentation, italics or something to indicate what is the quote and what are your words. At least try to resemble the quasi-journalism-news-blog writing syntax that the big boys use.
- Myself tends to prefer blogs that have some personality, either some emotion (humor, anger, joy whatever), or reveal some aspect(s) about your person (who you are, what you do).

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