Friday, June 06, 2003

Myself as Emily Litella

Myself is a bit tempted to go trolling (tempted, because Myself would never, ever do such a thing), to every right-leaning blog that defended the Tax-cut package which removed the tax credit for the lowest income wage earners. Those who obediently towed the party line, saying the poor don't pay taxes anyway, so it's just welfare, it's not their money, it's mine because and I do pay, etc. seem to be left twisting in the wind with a knife in your back, (well, maybe thats a bit much). If it were me I'd be pissed at congress, royally pissed. First, if you idiots didn't cut it to begin with, none of this liberal, See I told you this was a tax cut for the rich, punishment of the poor, class warfare, etc. screeds would have happened in the first place. (Myself does not know of anyone who posited against low income tax credits before it was taken out but Myself could, of course, be wrong). Second you idiots then put us in the position of having to defend your actions, which we did (even Myself will admit), quite well, utilizing some often wonky arguments to justify an action in order to enact and economic policy that is, purposefully non-wonky. Thirdly you then caved like a house of cards, voting 94-2 to restore the credit, while adding more stuff, further eroding your stance of keeping a *ceiling* on the size of the tax/economic package. OTOH I could just say, oops, never mind.

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