Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Jerry, we hardly knew ye
It looks as if Jerry Springer will not run for US Senate for Ohio:
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Jerry Springer has announced he will not run for the U.S. Senate.
Sringer, the controversial talk show host and former Cincinnati mayor, made the announcement at a press conference at a downtown Columbus hotel Wednesday afternoon.


And Cincinnati Mayor Charlie Luken, who, like Springer, went from politics to news and back to politics, said party affiliations aside, he was somewhat disappointed by his good friend's announcement.

"We're all going to be less entertained during the campaign season because of his decision," Luken said.
Too bad though, Myself was looking forward to his campaign. Now I know that Springer was formerly Mayor of Cincinnati, but his show is not what Myself would call news. Unless, of course you define the National Enquirer as news.

In an actually related story the California Recall Race has oficially become a carnival with Arnold (I will pump Sacramento up) Schwarzenegger , announcing he will run. Included in this ballot are Larry (The Smut Peddler Who Cares) Flint, Arianna (I hate SUV's) Huffington, maybe even her husband Michael (I tried to buy an election and failed) Huffington, Gary (what you talkin' about Willis) Coleman, Comedians Leo Gallagher (I don't know who he is either) and D.L. Hugley,and even this guy who says, if elected will immediately resign and let the Lt. Gov take his place. Estimates that there will be hundreds of candidates. Grab your popcorn and watch the parade pass.

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