Friday, August 08, 2003

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished...?
So Myself is buying tea online from Stash Tea, all set, ready to punch in the credit card number when Myself notices an unfamiliar address in the work address space in the yahoo saved name, wallet or wherever it is the work address is:
PO Box 104
Hon HI 96782
which is a state govt phone number of Dawny Dawson, Manager of the Hawaii Film Office but zip code is Pearl City and 586 prefix for phone is downtown honolulu, mine is 586. So in the mail today Myself gets his Macy's&trade credit card PIN in the mail but Myself has not yet got the card. Myself applied for it because my Boyfriend, who works at Macy's&trade, asked me apply for an express credit, to help him out, and Myself did, but now this. a bogus address on my Yahoo work address and a phone number that does not match the are of the address?....

Update: No cause for alarm, much, Myself will be issued a new card, and no charges have been made to my account. Bogus address was just that bogus.

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