Monday, August 18, 2003

Music Wars: Scene 12
In which the Rebels establish a new outpost Somewhere, Out there

From MSNBC via ZDNet:
Deep in the tense Jenin refugee camp in the Palestinian West Bank, a new file-swapping service is daring record labels and movie studios to turn their piracy-hunting into an international incident. Dubbed Earthstation 5, the new file-swapping network is openly flouting international copyright norms at a time when many older peer-to-peer companies are trying to establish themselves as legitimate technology companies. One of the brashest of a new generation of file-trading networks, it is serving as a new test case for the ability of high-tech security measures and international borders to preserve privacy on the Net.

On its face, Earthstation 5 appears to be at the leading edge of the movie and music industry’s next nightmare — copyright-flouting networks based in a territory without strong intellectual property laws, with security built in that protects users from scrutiny.
Hot damn but these guys are good. By using UDP Packets,as opposed to TCP,SSL and Proxy Servers, (if you don't understand these terms, don't worry the RIAA does), a new level of anonimity is gained, although not complete and total. Again one step ahead of the Empire RIAA, although the article goes on to say this may damage the more legit services like Kazaa, who are trying (it seems) to work some kind of compromise with the RIAA, The music industry would be foolish to use Earthstation as an excuse not to negotiate. Earthstation is a response to the RIAA's tactics, a real spit in you face response, with more to come, it's a losing battle. Meanwhile, construction of the Death Star continues.....

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