Monday, August 18, 2003

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished II
took a four day weekend off, Vacation day thursday, holiday friday, it was Admissions day (yes that's right we have a state holiday to commemorate the day Hawaii became the 50th State, call your state legislator right now), Myself highly recommends four day weekends. I got my new Macy's Visa card on Friday (see Rant below). So Myself is on my way to brunch Sunday and has to get a b-day card. While in the drugstore, Myself grabs a few other things, and heads for the checkout. Whoops, Myself is short of cash, because he needs to put $20 in the card, and Myself does not have enough. So Myself whips out my brand spanking new Macy's Visa card and swipes it through.... no go. The cashier tries it with her station. Again no go. Now the Manager comes over and calls the authorization center. After giving the info and a few yes and no answers he informs me that he was instructed to confiscate my card and turn it in. Thank you Macy's soooo very much.

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