Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Local Stuff
So now, here in Honolulu, the bus strike is into it's fourth week now, one month without any city buses. It's kind of odd seeing all the bus stops empty. Myself not being a bus rider I can't say what it's like to try around get around without it, but if one can do without it for a month wel maybe there's not such a demand after all. The hardest hit have been the senior citizens, and students. But other government unions are also watching this closely, because if the bus drivers do get the raise they are holding out for, other unions, whose contracts will come up for negotiation in 2004 will think they can get one too, even though the city says they have no money to give. Being a state employee, Myself would love to have a raise but I think its a bit unreasonable to expect one when the ecomony is not the best right now here. Even more so, the big shopping malls are also hurting because they are central hub points for the bus system and no busses means a lot less customers.

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