Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Special Delivery?
I swear Myself is not making this up: Man packs himself in a crate gets shipped as cargo from NY to Dallas
DALLAS (AP) -- Charles D. McKinley had himself shipped from New York to Dallas in an airline cargo crate, startling his parents - and a deliveryman - when he broke out of the box outside their home.


In a rambling jailhouse interview, McKinley told KXAS-TV in Dallas that he made the trip because he was homesick and a friend thought he could save money by flying as cargo. McKinley said he took no food or water on the 15-hour journey, just a cell phone, which did not work.

"I'm sitting there thinking, `Oh God, I don't know why I'm doing this,'" he said. "I'm sitting there thinking like any minute somebody will notice that there's somebody sitting inside this crate. ... No one did."Authorities said they did not know whether McKinley had any toilet facilities. But the stowaway told the TV station that got out of the crate during flights once or twice and walked around.

His box was carried in the pressurized, heated cabins, but could just as easily have been placed in the lower, unpressurized holds, said Richard G. Phillips, chief executive of Pilot Air Freight.
Now the fact that he was able to do this at all should raise a huge red flag, Myself is talking about a glaring, 20X30 foot, waving, bright red one. This is going to cause the FAA to have conniption fits as well as cargo carriers. And it should. Air cargo is a known weak spot, security needs to be tightened and now we have in living color an example of how, if one were an evil-doer, said evil-doer could have taken over the cargo plane and used to, well, evil-do. Thank you John Ashcroft. The irony of all this is that he could have booked a first-class flight for what it cost to ship himself. What a maroon!

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