Monday, November 03, 2003

ever wonder
what kind if idiot responds to the Nigerian spam scam? and what happens
instead of gaining millions, Eric, who is in his late 40s, ended up losing almost $330,000 as he was dragged from one tale to another over three weeks. He became one of five Singaporeans this year conned by the slew of Internet scams, which start off with a personal e-mail.


He received Duruoha's reply soon after, asking for his phone number. Eric was asked to transfer $17,000 to a lawyer handling the transaction and another $18,000 for the attorney's travelling expenses.
Duruoha told Eric to meet him in London with another $24,000 for a 'foreign allocation payment', a fee to transfer the funds out of Nigeria, and about $5,000 on a video camera and four watches to bribe Nigerian officials.
Hmmm... makes Myself think that the email promising me a ten inch dick might possibly not be true too.

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