Tuesday, December 23, 2003

finally cont'd
So before going home today Myself stops in to COMPUSA to get a different data transfer software, and Lo and Behold Myself notices the software I have is supposed to sell for $30 not the $70 that was paid, the $70 dollar version that Myself paid for but did not get, DOES allow me to pick and choose the files I want. Screw that. I get a different brand altogether. Now I know that I don't even need and software and its possible to transfer the files by setting up a direct link using shared files, and the built in network capabilities, but this seems easier. So Myself shells out another 70 bucks, and get out of there before I buy something else. (the Sim people and the Civilization III games were very tempting) I get home and fix the virus, (it was the Welchia, technically a worm). Not too nasty, but it chews up resources trying to find another PC to infect. No beer tonight, gotta get this thing done, (and done properly). Set up the two PC's with the trasnfer app, and off it goes 10 gigs of data will take six to seven hours. Wonderful. this will be done around two or three something in the morning. nothing to do but wait, guess I will have a beer or four.

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