Monday, December 22, 2003

Well Myself finally went and bought a new PC, finally replacing the old P1 Aptiva, (remember those?), with a P4 HP. Myself considered buying a Dell, but being out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the shipping would have added more a cost than going down to CompUSA and justbuying one, ergo thats what I endeavorad to do. So I traipse down there and find a good deal, $850 with a $250 rebate. After rebuking the salesboy's attempt to pay $200 for their service plan, which was a bit annoying, I get some PC relocation software to move data off the old girl, and Myself is out the door, not too painful. So I get home and hook up the new PC, works fine. ok so far so good. Install the firewall, the anti-virus. doing good no major problems. Now Myself needs to install the software to move off the old data. Except there is only one monitor, ok, do a little cable switching and install it. Switch monitors again and intsall on the new PC. Ready to go except the software wants to copy everything to the new PC, Myself want to copy only certain stuff, and this does not let me do that. Problemo. Damn software cost 72 bucks and its been opened. Gotta get a different mover. Now the new PC is telling me I got a virus. shit. 1:30 in the morning, gotta work tomorrow. Maybe Myself shouldn't have drank so much beer. Screw it leave it, go to bed, hope the boyfriend doesn't do any real damage and I will try to remove it after work. One interesting thing. I found a CD in the burner, not sure what its for. more to come on the new PC adventure...

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