Monday, April 19, 2004

livin just enough for the city
Movers coming next tuesday, packing up, and getting rid of stuff. still had the OLD APTIVA lying around. myself had bought a new PC, what, last december, and still had the old girl getting in the way on the spare room floor for the last 4+ months. (cough..packrat). After six years it lasted longer that my last two boyfriends. Anyways, myself wanted to get rid of it, thought of taking a sledge hammer to it but decided the better of it, yanked the hard drives, and chucked it in ther dumpster. later that night I go to dump the garbage and I see some one had went into that stinking, smelly ass, makes you want to vomit its so bad, and you can still smell it five minutes later stink, and retrieved the tower. It dosen't work. myself lives in the ghetto.

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