Thursday, April 15, 2004

So it's the last official day of work. We found an apartment on our trip, quite a nice place, for what myself consider's the cost, but being from Hawaii where $700 a month buys you a 600sq ft hovel, a 1025 sq foot apt with alarm, central air, coomunity pool, basketball workout room, and security comes as quite a deal. Myself was able to stay away from the blackjack tables for the most part, even won a couple hundred to boot. All in all it was a successful trip. but a few things myself has noticed are markedly different. such as:
every other car is an SUV of some sort.
every other woman seems to have fake tits
people honk their horns with a quickness myself has never seen before
rain appears to be a major meteorological event, and while myself is aware that this is the dessert, devoting ten minutes of local news broadcast time to the mere chance that it will rain in the next day or two seems a bit much.
there seems to be a lack of sole ownership restaurants, and a glut of chain/franchise eateries.
finding good pho is going to be tough as well as good sushi.

myself knew about lunch, but myself also got a card and $140 bucks, and my sup bought me a polo shirt, nautica heather gray. guess now I gotta send something. I felt a tad guilty for not bringing back omiyage from the Vegas trip, but i was thinking of just disappearing from work. I never interacted much with the other workers, and pretty much kept to myself, but a few came to chat, throughout out the day, make small talk and wish me luck, so I was pleaseantly surprised. Now I gotta send something for sure. I'm thinking cookie baskets, two of em.

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