Friday, April 02, 2004

So today was Myself's second to last day at work. D and Myself are taking a week to go to LV, find a place to live, put in an application or three, open a bank account, that kind of stuff, scouting trip/vacation. Hopefully mostly preperation for the move than gambling at blackjack and all the other diversions there, like gambling at blackjack. The last day of work, after 5 years at this desk, 9 years after the transfer from another desk. 14 years in the same system. Myself can't say it seems like yesterday because it doesn't, it feels like a fucking long time. Myself was getting lazy, and will admit it, inertia was what kept me going for the last two years, that day to day sameness, when the weekend and holidays are your only distant solace, on those terminal mondays and tuesdays. Trudging through the work week just to make it to friday, holidays were an much welcome bonus day off, (shit that's depressing). But its all over. In 14 days Myself goes back to work for one last day, (thereby getting paid for the month's first pay period), and that's it. Myself then has 15 days to pack up his life and move to Fabulous Las Vegas.

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