Saturday, April 03, 2004

a day in the life
6:30AM - Alarm goes off - hit snooze bar
6:39 - alarm goes off - hit snooze bar
6:48 - alarm goes off - hit snooze bar
6:57 - alarm goes off - drag mild to fiercly hungover ass out of bed and get ready for work.
8:00 - arrive at work. check which phone messages i can ignore (looks like my mom already called), check email, delete 60 spams about viagra, penile enlargement, breast enhancement, financial sucess etc.. read Get Fuzzy Dilbert, Doonesbury.
8:30 - check last night's jobrun
9:00 - read blogs/netsurf/check stocks/pay bills
9:30 - do actual work
10:00 - remember to call mom back
10:32 - gotta go mom, answer call from departmental user saying her new printer can't print her encumberance vouchers, tell user to call systems
10:33 - smoke break
10:40 - continue work
11:05 - answer call from user, says he got locked out after trying to log on, tell him to call systems
11:30 - talk to boyfriend on the phone
12:00 - lunch
1:02 - back to work
1:20 - make fun of officemate's 80 minute lunch
1:21 - continue work
2:00 - success! program finally works
2:01 - go on YW
2:20 - hit alt-tab when sup walk into office
2:22 - hit alt-tab after he leaves
2:45 - wonder what Chotto Matte does that allows him to post so much throughout the day
3:00 - smoke break
3:10 - read more blogs/netsurf. look for something to post to my blog.
3:45 - continue work
5:00 - leave office
5:30 - If not working second job, go jogging at Ala Moana park, along the beach while the sun sets, or go home and jog down the ala wai, or go to gym and oggle guys while working out.
else arrive at second job, sell Crazy Shirts(TM) to tourists
7:30 - buy way overpriced, mediocre dinner at mall food court
8:45 - inform tourist that I can bring you another pair of shorts, so you really don't have to come out in your underwear
8:46 - be thankful i have a REAL job, and don't do this for a living
10:00 - leave work,
10:15 - arrive home, shower, complain to boyfriend that he drank all the beer
10:30 - beer run
10:45 - drink beer, watch TV and/or play NetHack, or some suce other time waster on computer
11:30 - try to get boyfriend to have sex, if successful have sex, else
12:30 - finish beer
go to bed

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