Sunday, May 02, 2004

Quick update #2:
Myself is here in fabulous Las Vegas!, arrived early saturday morning, and went to our new apartment. blogging from a friends house as my comp is being FedEx'ed and will arrive tomorrow. said friend has been a real help in getting D and Myself set up here, took us to brunch at the Palms, and has been our guide. myself is very grateful for his help. So now comes the task of looking for a new job. with what money we have saved it won't last more that a month, so myself has got to get on the stick. Hopefully my vacation pay from my old job will arrive and give us some cushion but, it won't be a big cushion.
also: blogging will be personal for the time being as myself has no comp access and has not been keeping up w/ current events. moving and all, so bear with.

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