Monday, June 07, 2004

Myself apologizes for the delay but the new life in Vegas makes for little time blogging. What a long strange trip its been... Still no job, and life goes on acclimation to the new environs is taking its toll, but Myself is not yet desperate. so its seems almost like a vacation. after toiling fourteen years at the same job its almost a welcome break. almost. its kind of boring, not having anywhere to go to when you wake up , whenever that is, in the morning, but myself does have to get on the stick and get some kind of job soon, got maybe two months of cash left so we are not desperate yet, yet being the operative word here. but overall its good so far... so in recent events... Ronald Regan has died. So here's my take.. never dump on the dead, but don't beautify him either. depending on your political leaning it was either good riddance or a tearful loss, whatever your view he was the president of our country and he did make his mark. more later after beebop

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