Friday, May 30, 2003

hanabata days

The other day I asked my niece what she was snacking, which looked like some dark green powder in a plastic container the size of a small test tube. She informed me that it was called Raven-something-or-other-like-that, Myself tried it and it was extremely sour and tart. It had the added effect of turning my tongue a hideous blackish-purplish-greenish color. Needless to say I loved the shit. It did remind me of the strange things I used to snack on when I was in the third grade, such as ramen tar tare, take a package of dried ramen, crush it into pieces, dump the seasoning packet on the ramen crumbs, shake it up and scarf it down. Yum. Also Jello™ straight out of the box, as well as instant pudding, Nestle Quick™ and Ovaltine™. I was also known to munch on a cinnamon stick.
I remember when I got busted for taking the jello:
Mom is looking in the kitchen cupboards:
Mom: "What happened to all the Jello?"
Myself: "I ate it"
Mom: "You ate it?"
Myself: "I ate it for recess snack"
Mom: "Who made it?"
Myself: "No one, we just ate it"
Mom: "You just ate it right out of the box!?"
Myself: "uh huh"
Mom: "well, don't do that anymore"

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