Thursday, May 29, 2003

Myself's microbe votes

From Truth Laid Bare these are the blogs from the New blog Showcase that I liked:

Happy Furry Story Time is like a grumpy George Carlin (is that redundant?)
RantDudes RavingsThis guy is like Jerry Seinfeld on meth.

In General these blogs are all very well written, and, unlike myself, shows considerable thought was put into them.

things that I didn't like:
- If you use the word hyperdifferentiation I will very likely stop reading at that point.
- Overly left/right wing blogs, there's more to life (and few things more boring) that blogging hooray for our side and boo on the other. Sure my political leanings are readily proffered, but not in every other post.
- the weather: If you really feel the need to blog about it, then just say where you are and what it's like, I really, really don't want a detailed weather report. What I sometimes do is give them my weather report: Hawaii, 80°, clear blue skies with cooling 5-15 mph tradewinds, just to f**k with them.
- broken links - If the link that you post as the one to use for your vote doesn't work or takes you to your homepage - FIX IT - I fixed mine.

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