Thursday, July 24, 2003

Music Wars scene 6:
In which the rebels petition against the Empire is denied
In a futile attempt to stem the growing shadow of the RIAA lawsuits, Sharmon Networks filed an anti-trust suit, which was denied:
Sharman Networks, the company behind the popular Kazaa file-swapping software, cannot pursue a suit accusing record labels and movie studios of antitrust violations, a federal judge has ruled.

In the ruling, dated 2 July, US district judge Stephen Wilson dismissed Sharman's argument that major entertainment companies have colluded to drive potential online rivals out of business, saying the company lacks any standing to make such a claim.
This was a feeble attempt to counter-sue the RIAA and had a slim to none chance of succeeding, but Myself supposes that it had to be tried, if the rebels can pre-empt the coming storm of lawsuits, it would have seriously hamstrung the RIAA but alas it was not to be.

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