Tuesday, July 22, 2003

obligatory war post (the real war)
Uday and Qsay presumed dead We got them. Yup, shot them dead as Michael Jackson's carrer. There's going to be one VERY RICH Iraqi who collects the reward. Apparently offering a reward of $15 million worked in spite of Myself's cynicism. Now there have been questions, some very stupid such as, we need more proof, to some a bit more measured, such as, why not try to take them alive? Because unless we are going to torture them I don't think they will sell out their father. Some general who sees the writing on the wall, sure, but as Raed points out:
just to tell you that i would be really dissapointed if Uday and Qusay were really killed in Mosul. this is just the easy way out for them. they should have been humiliated in public, images of them handcuffed and being pushed around.
And then be killed in some excruciatingly painful, horrible way. Capturing them to answer for what they did would have been better. Myself would argue that letting the Iraqi people dispense justice rather than having the World's Police U.S. do a Judge Dredd impersonation would have been a better way to show the Iraqi people we are not their new Mullahs. He's not very happy about this and about things in general, he also doesn't seem very grateful, and I don't blame him. However, I also feel that capturing would have been best, dead is is still good.

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