Friday, July 25, 2003

Music Wars scene 7
In which the Rebels are offered a compromise and Napster rises from the dead
As Myself has always advocated, a pay for play structure, (agreeable by the RIAA), is about to come into reality, as more that a few companies prepare, based on the success of Apple's iTune, to offer music downloads for a charge:
A crowded field is gearing up to offer single songs for sale, including retailers and, and leading Internet service providers like AOL Time Warner's America Online.
Others likely to compete are a re-launched Napster, the song-swap pioneer that was idled by copyright infringement litigation in 2001, and Apple itself, which even competitors credit with demonstrating the power of an easy-to-use system and competitive pricing.
Wow, the resurrection of Napster, the revered one that started it all, rising from the grave to return to P2P land, after being killed off by Darth Vader Hillary Rosen and the RIAA. Tre` Obi-wan. The real question is wether or not the public will embrace this paradigm. Myself will venture to say that yes this succeed, but only if A) the DLs available encompass what the public wants. It's not just the current hits that people want, past hits, Jazz, classical, and even foreign language tunes are heavily DL'ed also and these must also be included. B) Current P2P apps are not able to achieve true anonymous P2P, which would put the Empire back at square one. C) Quality. One good thing about this is that now one must pay for each song, the quality will improve. We all know that the sound quality can often times be very poor, songs can be cut off, volume levels vary, but it was free so you lived with it. But if Myself is going to pay for DLs, the quality had better be good. Myself would argue that the reason most people DL music knowing full well that it's illegal is that no one thinks they will be the one to get caught. It's "the RIAA can't sue 50 million people" meme and in one sense they are correct, it's akin to having unprotected sex with a one night stand, yes you might catch something or get pregnant, or get caught cheating (for those married/commited), but its a chance you take. If the dice comes up craps, well as Super Chicken once said: "You knew the job was dangerous when you took it" SQUAAWK!

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